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Updated: 19 December 2017

Based on the FPHC PHEM Skills Framework. "updated 19th Dec 2017"


Grades are subject to change as the UKREMT develops and as we speak with other interested parties within the pre-hospital care sector.



UKREMT grades are still under ongoing grading changes and adaptions

as we talk with other PHEM interested parties, please regularly check for updates.

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The UKREMT have taken the FPHC PHEM skills framework and adapted it within its outlines to ensure an easier understanding of our grading framework for the public to ensure they have the right staff on site for events.


It is hoped that the UKREMT framework and the registration scheme will be adopted by multi agency pre-hospital providers including the NHS and the private sector for all those staff that are not registered with the HCPC, MNC, BMC, however those practitioners can still also register should they wish with the UKREMT.


The UKREMT framework is ideal to ensure CPD compliance and registration for all levels of pre-hospital practitioners.


Link to the original PHEM framework is at the bottom of this page under documents.



Grade Descriptors


* To be recognised at any level the practitioner must have ALL the skills at that level, according to the skills framework.


* Practitioners at any level may have additional skills from higher levels but this does not mean that they are operating at that level.


* Practitioners may indeed have a qualification for a level but not actually have the full skill base and thus be operating at a lower grade. i.e. CMT1 retired now at Grade C or D but was while serving at grade F.



Grade A to C are eligible for Associate Registrant.


A First Aider EFAW (management of an unconscious, bleeding or arrested patient) or FAW that is certificated by an

    organisation that does not have an approved accreditation.


B  Accredited certificated First Aider - Holds FAW, FPOS(B), D13 standard or similar. ** Please note holding an FAW with a AED

    certificate does NOT make you an Advanced First Aider


C  Advanced First Aider - Holds FPOS(I), FREC L3, D13 Standard/Module 3 police officer with skills that match the framework.


*** Note: If you only hold an FPOS(I) or a FREC3 you are NOT an EMT - if you hold these qualifications along with a suitable CV, CPD and extended skills / THAT have a 100& match to the FPHC PHEM Skills Framework then you may be eligible to register at UKREMT EMT1 (D) level.


Levels D to F will be operating within a framework of governance and CPD and will be required to submit CPD portfolios every two years either via CPDME, Tibbee, CPD Portfolios or via any approved CPD submission method to remain registered.


All full registrants must agree to and sign the "UKREMT Fittness to Practice Policy 2018" to remain on the register.


Levels H will require the registrant to remain on their respective professional register.


Grade D to H are eligible for Full Registrant.


D  - UKREMT EMT 1: Pre hospital provider caring for patients within event or frontline setting or as a secondary role.

            Note: It is recommended that an EMT1 should not work solo as an EMT. An EMT1 is at a basic level and should work

            under supervision of an EMT2 or above and we highly recommend that all EMT1s work with an experienced EMT3 when  

            employed in an EMT role, unless working in an Advanced First Aider (FREC3) only role.

      i.e. ECA, RNLI & UKSAR First Aiders, D13 enhanced, CFR, FREC L3 and FPOS(I) with additional skills as per framework.***


E  - UKREMT EMT 2: A health care professional pre hospital provider caring for patients as a primary role

      i.e. FPOS Enhanced, FREC L4, Certain higher trained ECA's or CFR's (Trust dependant), some military personnel and

            some D13 Specialist certificated police officers. (FREC L4 must have work book sign off complete).


F  - UKREMT EMT 3: Non HCPC health care professionals

      i.e. IHCD Ambulance Technician, AAP's, Army CMT1 or similar RAF/Navy (Serving) & FREC L5 - ALL level F registrants  

            must have evidence of a minimum of 750hrs clinical signoff. You may have the skills to match the level but to be classed

            as an EMT3 with the UKREMT you MUST HAVE 750hrs supervised clinical sign off.


G  - UKREMT EMT 4: Nationally registered health care professional working in pre hospital care & selected professionals.

      i.e Paramedics, (HCPC Registered) or IHCD Ambulance Technicians with advanced NHS certified competences that

           match the FPHC PHEM skills framework profile for grade (Adv Ambulance Practitioner - Trust Dependent)

           All level G registrants must have evidence of a minimum of 1500hrs clinical signoff.


H  - Advanced registered health care professionals working as a pre hospital critical care practitioner.

      i.e Critical care paramedics, pre-hospital Doctors, BASIC members - must also be registrants of HCPC, GMC or NMC.


FREC Level 5, must have done a minimum of 750 clinical hours, Trainee's will be given the grade below their FREC Level, until the clinical hours have been completed, This also applies to those IHCD Ambulance Aid and AAP students.



Full Registrant at grade F to H are also eligile to be invited for Fellowship of the UKREMT


To apply for Fellowship of the UKREMT you must meet the following critieria:


* Be a full registered member of the UKREMT.

* Demonstrate ongoing education and training that benefits the profession of Pre-Hospital care.

* Demonstrate ongoing education of both members and the public on the UKREMT.

* Provide a current upto date DBS.


The above is currently still in fine tuning in relation to the details of any fellowship and the criteria will change and be adapted, as we grow and move forward into 2019. Currently we are inviting fellowship registration only and not taking open applications.



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