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The registration process is straight forward via an online form:



Please fill out the application {HERE} with as much information as possible.

Registration Process:

Registration Process:


Currently the registration is in the early days and we are developing the registration scheme, it will be our be our registrants that help us develop and and the below is an outline of what is the current method but of course we listen to our members should a better way forward be found.


We are now also in a position to accept FREE Registration during the whole of 2017,

until 1st January 2018 after which a charge will apply


*** Registrations Approved & Updated Monthly ***

Next approval round and registration list update due: 1st October then 1st November


Parts to the registration process:


1. Fill out a registration form which will found on the UKREMT website. (Application Form)

2. Select either FREE Associate or Full registration.

3. Attach via Email copies of qualification proof, DBS and current CV & if applicable a current CPD record*.

4. Attach a professional referee that can verify your professional and clinical ability or include these details within your CV.


Please have electronic copies of your CV and other supporting information ready before starting the application process.


* CPD Records only required for those applying for Grades D and above.



Once you have completed your online application form:


The UKREMT will review your application and get back to you with a decision, we do this currently every 1-2 months. There are four possible outcomes to your application:


   * Your membership and level are approved

   * Your membership is approved but at a different level than you applied for

   * You are asked to supply more information in support of your application (normal if we are considering where to grade you)

   * Your membership application is declined - normally due to fake certificates or unable to reach an agreement with you on grade.


Successful applicants will receive an email from the UKREMT, at this point you will be able to also see your name and pin number on the "Registration Check" page of our website.


Please then access the site and have a browse around the site check you details on the "Register" and if you have any questions please email us at "ukremt@ukremt.org".


Registrant levels:


There is currently one level of individual registration but we are working on two others but all including level one will ensure registration with UKREMT and access to the members only pages and discounts, as they become available.


Level 1:

* Associate Registration:     Applications Open                                                                 £0.00 (2017 Free of Charge)

                               Benefits: Registration with UKREMT  (A-C)                                         £20 per two years (from 1/1/18)    

                                               Details will appear on UKREMT online register

                                               Discounts yet TBC including CPD providers & kit suppliers




Level 2:

* Full Registration upgrade: Applications Open                                                                £0.00 (2017 Free of Charge)

                               Benefits: Registration with UKREMT  (D-H)                                        £45 per two years (from 1/1/18)      

                                               UKREMT ID Card (from 1/1/18)

                                               UKREMT Membership Certificate (via PDF even during 2017)

                                               UKREMT Cloth Badge (coming 2018)

                                               Ability to use the post nominals EMT-R

                                               Discounts yet TBC with suppliers


Level 3:

* Optional "Level 3" Fellowship of UKREMT:  (Currently via invitation onlyy)                       £0.00 (Currently - Free of Charge)

                                               Must pass written and OSCE exams to show they are current at grade they are applying for

                                               Help us develop the UKREMT

                               Benefits: As above level 2 plus:

                                               Ability to use post nominals EMT-F




* Corporate membership:     Applications Open                                                                 £0.00 (Currently - Free of Charge)

                               Benefits: Mapped entry on corporate page on the website

                                               Ability to bulk upload applications

                                               Ability to upload jobs and shifts to Job Bulletin page

                                               Ability to help shape the UKREMT




* Retired Members:                Applications Open                                                                             £0.00 (Free of Charge - Life)

                                                Following a conversation from interested individuals we have decieded to allow retired PHEM              

                                providers to join the UKREMT - This level of membership is open to any pre-hospital care provider that has

                                retired from pre-hospital care but still interested in its development.

                                                Apply via email only direct to ukremt@ukremt.org stating your previous qualification and employer.

                                Benefits: Only that you will help develop the UKREMT and its direction which will in turn help those currently

                                                 employed with in it.                        


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