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The registry table below shows only those that work in pre-hospital care and that have registered as members of the UKREMT.



We are a not for profit registration scheme to verify the underlying qualification of an individual and

where they sit within the pre-hospital emergency medicine skills framework.


We are NOT an employer and their Certificate & ID/Registration card is just proof of said registration.




If the pre-hospital care provider is a Paramedic, Doctor or Nurse in the United Kingdom

then you WILL find their registration under their own professional registration body. 


Registration for EMT's with the UKREMT is totally voluntary and non-statutory therefore if you can't find a registrant, it does not mean they are not qualified.


To cross reference the Grade please see the PHEC skills framework

Check a Practitioner is Registered with the UKREMT


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UKREMT registration check : Not all members may be visible in the table below.

Please search via keywords box at top and ideally via NAME or PIN to find the UKREMT member.


              Pin No.       Name                 Qualification                   Grade       Member         Expiry    999 Dvr

Dr's, Paramedics & Nurses are also entitled to be members of  the UKREMT.


But they MUST be registered with their own professional body.


We openly welcome these professionals as their experience and qualifications are important to help us develop both the UKREMT and individually as professionals.

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