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Updated: 19 December 2017




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Updated: 18 December 2017

FPHC PHEM Skills Framework

updated 19th December 2017

Pre-Hospital Care Framework



The PHEM Skills Framework was the output of three Faculty hosted meetings, which brought together a wide spectrum of pre-hospital provider groups from First Aid Societies to Level 8 Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) practitioners as well as colleagues from non-medical professional organisations such as the Police, Fire & Military services and multi-representation from the UKSAR group.


The Faculty developed the PHEM Skills Framework with the purpose of developing a series of levels to allow a greater understanding of the clinical skills/competencies of various pre-hospital care providers arriving at an incident.


These levels have been designed specifically for the purpose of facilitating good inter-agency working on scene and are not related to educational attainment or Skills for Health Levels. It is also hoped that non medical organisations may use the framework as a benchmarking exercise for any of their staff who have casualty care as part of their role.




Descriptors -



To be recognised at any level the practitioner must have all the skills at that level.

Practitioners at any level may have additional skills from higher levels but this does not mean that they are operating at that level.


A Students; First Aider (management of an unconscious, bleeding or arrested patient). Certificated by a non national


B  Nationally certificated first aider (qualified to meet statutory requirements within the work place) Holds EFAW, FAW,


Levels C to H will be operating within a framework of governance and CPD


C  Nationally certificated advanced first aider. i.e. FPoS (I), D13 Standard/Module 3 police officers.

D  Nationally certificated non health care professional pre hospital provider caring for patients as a secondary role.  i.e.

D13 Enhanced certificated police officers, Fire Service IEC. Several types of UKSAR trained personnel.

E  Nationally certificated non health care professional pre hospital provider caring for patients as a primary role i.e. may

give medication. i.e. More specialist UKSAR trained personnel, some military personnel and some D13 Specialist certificated            police officers.

F  Non registered health care professional – i.e. Ambulance Technician, CMT1,

G  Registered health care professional working in pre hospital care.

H  Advanced registered pre hospital care practitioner.






Taken directly from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, web site https://fphc.rcsed.ac.uk whom we deem as the lead clinical governence in Pre-Hospital care and it is the FPHC PHEM Skills Framework that we the UKREMT have used as guidence for our grading and application.

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