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£120 per year (App Access Only) 1 User per 10 mobile devices is recommended.


£240 per year (As above + website data analytics) 2 Users with 1 set as Admin***


Access comes complete with four (4) screens as standard, additional screen design at £50 per design as a one off fee. Tell us what you need we can custom build any form you require into the ePCR system.


Majors ePCR      &      Minors ePCR









As well as

Pt Feedback and an Admin Screen

The mobile ePCR app of the UKREMT is used under licence from the UKREMT and is for REGISTRANTS ONLY with low cost fees payable monthly or annually, why go it alone, let us do all the design and administration for you.


It offers an effective solution that is faster, easier and more convenient to use than traditional paper forms and reduces the annual cost compared to paper patient forms. The application has no or very little learning curve as it's very intuitive for those used to paper PCRs or PRFs.


The ease of paper with the advantage that comes from technology, improving efficiencies and patient care.


Taking accurate prehospital patient care data is an important task, documenting all care and treatment to ensure expeditious care and ensuring critical handover information that is not lost on paper forms. The UKREMT ePCR system is a major improvement to traditional paper forms and allows Paramedics, EMTs, Nurses in fact all mobile care staff to document all treatments and procedures as well as capture consent.


Are you frustrated with:

* Losing paper forms and HIPAA & GDPR concerns

* Clutter and paper storage

* Manual data entry on paper in poor conditions

* Poor handwriting or interpretation of the written forms

* Poor location data


With the UKREMT ePCR System:

* Complete forms with no handwriting issues

* Securely sharing data with HQ, Client & Hospitals is easy

* Ensure important data is captured with mandatory fields

* We customise forms with your logo and your details

* Ensure HIPAA Compliance

* Have your completed ePCRs arrive in your inbox in real time

* Can be used even while offline** & uploaded once back on wifi

* No mention of UKREMT on printed media

* We can turn any of your paper forms into in app screens

* Forms capture GPS location


                Contact the UKREMT direct for access to the system


      It does require registration and compliance with the UKREMTs T&Cs

         of registration, the EMT Code & the UKREMT Fitness to Practice.


   Your users will also need to be REGISTRANTS of the UKREMT, unless

                they are registered HCP's with a UK statuatory body.

ePCR System

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To purchase a licence and access to the ePCR Sytem.

please email us at ePCR Email Support.

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** Must login while have data


*** It is recomended that the Admin user is limited to key staff



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