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Corporate Membership

Currently corporate membership is free to apply for, all we currently ask is that all corportate members agree to the following conditions.

1. All corporate members agree that where possible to only employ staff that are registered with their relevant professional bodies (HCPC, NMC, GMC or UKREMT).


2. Offer all their prehospital medical staff FREE membership to the UKREMT.


3. Agree to promote the UKREMT within the wider prehospital care sector.


4. If possible place a link to the UKREMT registration check page onto thier website, where possible.


Plus corporate members will eventually have the ability to bulk send applications.


Corporate members can add the "Corporate Member" badge onto their website should they wish.

Corporate members are passionate about ensuring the safety of the public in the pre-hospital care sector, by ensuring that all their staff are registered with their relevant professional bodies including the UKREMT.

UKREMT Terms and Conditions

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          If you are interested in becoming a corporate member / supporter of the aims and


objectives of the UKREMT please get in touch via email at ukremt@ukremt.org.


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