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For applications to the UKREMT registry please fill out the form below and submit it via email, we will then email you if we require more information from you or once your application result and grade has been confirmed by the registration audit team. We do not acknowledge every application on reciept. If you have any questions prior to submission please email us at ukremt@ukremt.org


Application form is in either Adobe - PDF or Word - DOC, both will need to be printed, filled in and then sent to the UKREMT.

The first four parts of the registration process is to download and

complete the application form below:


(On average we finish the review of each application around 45 days)

Registration Application:

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If your application is urgent due to an employment application or requirement to register from your employer, let us know in the email body of any deadline requirements on the application.

* Download our FTP document here to sign pages 15 & 16 for upload in application form *

imageedit_2_8835208203 UKREMT Application Form in PDF UKREMT Application Form in DOC

Adobe PDF Application Form (71KB PDF)

Word DOC Application Form (157KB DOC)

Once you have completed the application form please submit to ukremt@ukremt.org


We accept documents in PDF, DOC and both JPG & PNG but not TIFF.

You can also use our GDPR / HIPAA compliant application form "Online" via a popup application form - Click link below:

UKREMT "Online" Application Form

Opens in a new secure 3rd party window.

Current EMT Documents:

FTP - Fitness to Practice UKREMT The UKREMT CODE 2018/19 Raise Concern on FTP

Hard copies - only if you can't upload or use the online application should be sent to UKREMT Office: 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX