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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

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Our Registrant's meet these minimum requirements: (as per our T&Cs)


36 Hours of CPD

Each year our full registrants must complete at least 36 hours of Continued Professional Development in order to remain registered, the amount of CPD increases the higher UKREMT grade you hold.


Min level of Training Hours

Required minimum training hour as laid down as industry standard for each level on the UKREMT to gain registry, the minimum level does vary dependant on the qualification and grade on the registry and will include minimum clinical hours for levels F and above.


100% Percent of Member Audited

All UKREMT full registrants are audited before registration is given. Then re-audited every two years when anyone is requesting to remain on the register, no applicant will be accepted without photo ID that matches their certificates.


Fitness to Practice

All full registrants will agree to our Fitness to Practice guidelines for UK EMTs and follow the EMT Code at all times.


Current Patient Contact

All UKREMT full registrants must demonstrate current patient experience. No of hours of patient contact hours and experience must be documented before registration at grades F, G and H.


Compliance of Skills Grades G & H

As well as the initial registration assessment of their qualifications and ID, all those requiring registration with grades higher then skills grade G, may be asked to pass a written clinical and if needed a practical skills assessment (OSCE). This is to ensure that those registrants listed with the UKREMT have current up-to-date practice and skills knowledge.

Promoting education &  registration in the field of immediate first aid

& first on scene of a critically ill patient.

INFO: We are passionate about getting as many U.K's professional pre-hospital care providers registered with the UKREMT which is non-statutory, not for profit and of course voluntary, but we also need your help!  Please share this web site across the U.K's pre-hospital care community, also if you have any ideas for the site in order to make it a success we welcome of course any emails to make it better for our registrants. Help us to make statutory registration a requirement of practice in the UK.


We do accept registration from Paramedics and above but in reality the scheme is for those outside that scope of practice.


Registrants: To gain access to "UKREMT Registrants Only" Page this is no longer automatic due to GDPR please send an email to info@UKREMT.org asking for access to Registrants only page as subject line.

Current EMT Documents:

Our Values & Mission


To provide a Pre-Hospital registry that has verifiable skills and training for all registrants.

         Are Trained


Our registrants meet the industry standard for medical training to provide the Life Support skills applicable to their UKREMT grade.

         Are Current


Our registrants have current certification along with current patient contact hours to show experience as well as qualification & grade.

         With Integrity


All our full registrants are fully audited every two years. Show at least 30 CPD hours and current patient experience to remain on our registry.


UKREMT : ©2016

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Registration in the UK for EMTs is non-statutory, but we would like to eventually see this changing and all those working in a pre-hospital setting be registered with a UK registration body.

UKREMT Office: 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

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We have decided to keep the registration FREE until the 14th July 2019, at that point we may have had to start charging for new registrations as it is now getting to the point of becoming more demanding on our officers time, and other expenses are adding up to ensure compliance, but we will always remain "not for profit" and annually we will show our accounts online to prove our not for profit status.


Current Charges: "Free for UK Full Registrants"


All Associate Registrants will be £20 per two years.

with the option to purchase a Members Card £5 and Certifcate £10


Overseas Full Registrants will be £45 per two years.

with free ID card,  and Free Downloadable Certificate with option to purchase a hard copy at £5.


All those that applied in 2017/18 will remain free until reregistration.


We will in 2019 be making representation to the UK goverment for protected title of the term EMT, but we need many more members to prove a want by our members to proceed with this and to evidence the need to the government.

TECH images Ford - Interior 3 Fitness to Practice UKREMT 2018/19 The UKREMT CODE 2018/19 Raise Concern on FTP

and other allied pre-hospital care providers that meet the minimum requirements for registration.

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Our Minors and Majors ePCR System is now live


Licence cost £120 per year per login.


Email ePRF@ukremt.org if you wish to be kept informed on its launch date.

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Patron of the UKREMT


Dr Sarah Jarvis

"I agree that it makes perfect sense to ensure registration of all Emergency Medical Technicians and associated professions. Likewise, having a protected title would offer security to the public".

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